Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Raising The Stakes In The Garment Arena.

Remember I said I wanted to make myself an actual, wearable skirt this summer?

Well, I will see you that skirt and raise you a nearly passable dress! Look at the skirt! I have worn it IN PUBLIC twice and I love the fit and the material is super pretty isn't it?

I am calling it the "HIP A-Line Skirt" because I made it specifically to sit low and comfy on the hip. I have a short torso so I normally wear my bottoms pretty low (not scary low) and my shirts long, so I wanted the waistband to lie gently and not too tight, to create a smooth line. I didn't use a pattern or a zipper or anything else that I haven't used before. I just measured where I wanted it to hit with elastic, added a couple of inches and used my rotary cutter and ruler to create a slight A-line when I cut the fabric. Pretty technical huh? I have made one since using the same non-formula and it turned out great again! Aces!

The nearly passable dress is another deck of cards all together. I used the great "elastic band dress" tutorial from Smashed Peas and Carrots (neat blog) and it worked well, but the fit of the skirt does not work on me. I really need that a-line. I may try it again and modify the skirt shape. I was proud of myself for making a dress for a grown-up, no matter how ill-fitting it was.
(Man! It is so embarrassing trying to take pictures of yourself modeling clothing. Sorry I look so serious.)

I think the dress looks much better draped over my sewing chair. Where sadly, it may stay. At least I got lucky with my skirt...

You doing any gambling with your making lately?

You might get lucky too.


  1. I did a couple of similar projects, some that turned out ok and some that worked as they were supposed to, but just didn't look right on me. I've given myself permission to scrap those even though the achiever in me wants to fix them. ;)

  2. good thinking, poor dress may just have to be scrapped. :)