Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Boys With Needles Are Cool.

I needed a pick me up and it was cold outside, aaa-gain, so a little stuffed animal making time with my bigger boy was just the thing.

We had made Mad Dog a while back and he has taken up permanent residence near Sully's pillow. He is pretty cute. So wonderfully cute that we decided he needed to have some offspring.

Introducing Mad Dog Junior! He is properly stuffed with stuffing instead of fabric scraps. I like the fabric scraps idea but Junior is so much more squishable.

Sully really likes to be in charge of the sewing machine and he is getting pretty darn good. I am feeling like the machine is his main interest in making stuff with fabric because he loses steam once that part is done. No prob. I helped with the hand sewing and he took over with the cuddling and playing. I will never tire of finishing up our little projects and I hope he will be able to look back and remember we did all of these projects together, no matter how small.

Look at how cute and little and sweet JR is!

(For this silly Mama anyway.)

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  1. Very cool. Both my kids like the sewing machine, but so far I think it's because they like to push buttons. ;)