Friday, July 2, 2010

Teardroppin'-Stickin' Things Up.

With wheels attached and things nice and sturdy it's time for some wood! The floor has been cut and framed out for the floor's insulation.

Sully took the lead with the roller and got to painting on the contact adhesive while Jeff cut the insulation pieces.

The squares were then laid in place. Perfect fit by the way, and the kids helped by putting pressure to help with the bonding. We are so lucky to have Minna's strong arms around aren't we?

Then the top slab was laid in place too. It was clamped around the edges and left to dry.

The next day Jeff did some more painting. This time it was an undercoat that feels kind of rubbery and should be strong enough to protect the bottom of the whole thing in it's completed state. Can't wait.

Everyday we are one step closer. You think we will be able to take a trip by summer's end? That would be fun...

I am going to dip into "wordless weekends" tomorrow to post one last update to show you where we are in real time. We are not far from building - skyward...

Happy, Happy Friday.

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