Monday, July 19, 2010

Standing Reservation For 5 On The Deck.

Happy Monday!

We had some warm moments the past few days which has been really nice. I am still wondering why it isn't hot like it should be though. I won't worry about it and just enjoy the mild, pretty days we are having.

When my bigger boy and Jeff returned from their impromptu motorcycle/camping trip this morning I was determined to clean up our yucky deck so we can have dinner together outside. The gnat infestation seems to have passed so we can now attempt to bring food outdoors. They were swarming! Did you know that they bite? Never knew that. Needless to say this Nat is happy they are gone.

I dragged all the furniture into the grass and dusted and sprayed and sprayed and wiped and dried. Spiders really like our chairs. I really prefer NOT to have spiders liking our chairs. I wish all the spiders went away with the gnats but they didn't. I can sweep and blast the webs all day long and the very next day they are re-built, strong as ever. Frustrating.

It was all going to be worth it though for a nice dinner out there. Alas, the chilly wind came up and kept us indoors. No matter, because the days of worrying about spiders in your food or crawling up your skirt are gone! The dusting and wiping will be a daily ritual now in preparation for that perfect summer evening outdoor meal. A candle and some flowers on that "tablecloth" (unfinished length of Ikea fabric) will be just the thing...

What do you like to make for summery meals outside?


  1. I am on a kabob kick as of recently. I buy the pack of wooden skewers and put chicken(marinated in italian seasoning), peppers (red, yellow, green), and onioins. They cook so yummy on the grill. Then I have a hummus dip that we dip our pita filled with our grilled goodness. I'm also a grilled steak person too!

  2. ooo, thanks. we don't have kabobs nearly enough. sounds very, very good right now. :)