Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Understudy.

So I have a temporary replacement for my trusty camera! It is actually an early "Father's Day present". (At least that is what I said when I brought it home and presented it to Jeff and let him take a few shots.) He really likes it and I am sure he will enjoy it in a few weeks when he can actually get the chance to use it. Right now it will be in my hip pocket ready for action.

She already helped me take a shot of the "Origami-folio" that is in the works for my bigger boy. I don't know what I was thinking when I decided not to use a pattern but it may just turn out O.K. It is sturdy enough for Sully and seems to be the perfect size. Should be done tonight so I will let you know.

I also got a shot of the little newborn baby gift that is on the craft table. There is a pattern being used here but I don't feel any more confident because of it. To be continued here too. (I am using that old sheet again, so soft and pretty.)

Lastly, here is my new sewing table! I am borrowing a little desk that I found buried in a storage building on the property and the landlord said I could use it. It is just a little white-washed child's desk but butted up against a big table, makes a perfect sewing-cutting-ironing area. One of these days I WILL take you on a tour. Maybe with the help of our new trusty camera.

Being an understudy isn't that bad really.
Look at all the fun things she's gonna get to do!

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