Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy Friday Happy Campers!

Please welcome guest photographer- Sullivan!

He brought his camera along last weekend on a boys trip to Lake Sonoma. They hiked in with all their gear on their backs and spent a great night at waters edge with camp-stove blueberry pancakes for breakfast!

Here are some of the shots from their trip.

Look at the beautiful grassy hillside. Sully does landscapes.

They hiked and they hiked. Note the emergency whistle and sturdy walking stick.
Of course Sully does action shots.

The monocular was a great source of interest. (It is really neat.)
Sully does story shots too.

And if that isn't an "Out Here'n Two Rock" style picture, I don't know what is...

Great shots Sully and thanks for sharing. I love seeing through your lens. Will you contribute again someday?

Sully- "Yeah, but you still can't use my camera."


No "wordless weekend" this week. Not just because of my camera being out of service, but because the computer is being moved to another room and will be taking a break until Jeff can hook her back up properly. We all know I can not be trusted to do so.

Have a great weekend!

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