Thursday, May 13, 2010

Just Some "Needles" For Ya.

Well, the camera problem has become worse. Now I have to send my poor thing in to be repaired. Ugh, what am I going to do if I can't torture all around me with constant shooting?

I have been resorting to posting about past photos but since my backlog of pertinent pictures is dwindling, I need to go to plan B and C.

-Inviting guest photographers to share some shots (that would be my eldest, Sully).
-Borrowing our guest photographer's camera. (Please Sully?)

He says I don't let him use mine so he is being very protective of his. I can't blame him... I guess. I will keep working on him.

So while the whole situation is being worked out I have one of my last projects documented to share.

A wedding gift!

Fun! I already gave it to the happy couple and I think they liked it. I made "his-n-hers" reversible place mats with embroidered initials and matching napkins. I imagined them being used outdoors on one of their many BBQ dinner nights for two. I paired the linens with a really nice set of BBQ utensils.

Hope my embroidery stands up to washing because this is really my first time stitching something that will need to be laundered often. Hold tight little stitches! I also hope the napkins aren't too rough. They are made from a pretty hearty cotton so they should be up for the hard work of being out in the elements and wiping up homemade BBQ sauce.

I really, really liked making them and I still have two more important weddings coming up this summer. No surprises there if they end up with kitchen linens too. :)

Send good camera thoughts my way will ya?

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