Wednesday, May 19, 2010


The Understudy wants to share the shots of the finished origami-folio.

It was instantly approved by it's new owner and was loaded up with origami essentials. The only speed bump during the making was a broken needle (my first!) because the layers became too thick and I was too determined to jam it all through my poor machine. All is well and I just had to hand sew in a few spots, it really was thick and I am glad I didn't break a finger! The only request Sully had was that his new bag be stiff and sturdy. Request granted...

So with that done and shared, I must mention an anniversary.

Not my 11 year wedding anniversary. No, no, that is NEXT week. But my blog anniversary is tomorrow! Yup, a whole year. I don't know how I am going mark it yet, probably a little year-in-review post or something. I do know though, that I am going to be putting together a few sets of Out Here'n Two Rock postcards to mark the occasion. Think sunflowers, cute little hands holding heart shaped rocks, dandelions and some of my blog banners. Can you picture it? I think I will sell them over at the THREADLINGS shop all wrapped up in fabric envelopes.

Sound kinda cute? We will see...

Hope your Wednesday was swell.

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