Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Close Nature Call.

Last week, in the middle of the night, (of course a night when Jeff was at work), our cars had a close encounter with a huge oak branch. It missed the cars and the house, and most importantly no animals or people were around, phew! I didn't hear it but the dog did and woke me up. Being in my jams I decided not to investigate til morning...

The kids noticed it right away as we left for school saying, "There is a tree in the pond!"

Now it might not look like much but you should be able to see the two little ponds and the barn very clearly in this shot but the fallen branch is in the way. It was at least 30 feet long and fell probably 40 feet down. Poor Old Oak.

The kids were fascinated and didn't waste any time climbing and tunneling around in the leafy branches. They spent the afternoon hiding and making me find them in their little forts. We had a few giant leaf brooms sweeping the drive too. The sweeping was very helpful but cut short due to some more close calls with eyeballs.

A long lost RC plane that flew too high one day returned home.

Much to this pilot's excitement.

And before the neighbor made quick work of chopping the trunk for firewood and hauling the branches off to the brush pile, I collected some smaller ones to sand, paint and turn into some sort arrangement for the house.

Thanks Old Oak, you are a beautiful tree.

(PS-Unrelated: I miss my camera.)


  1. What happened to your Camera? Are you too busy to use it? Or is it in the shop? Have you talked to Jill recently? She has a great tree story too! i am freakin' Love from mom

  2. It's broken and won't let me shoot! I am hoping it just needs a new battery. I may have worked the other one too hard. :)