Thursday, May 27, 2010

Step To It!

We finally painted the mismatched, pieced together, sawed down, boring fake-maple colored step stools that are all around the house out here. I love them now!

I really DIDN'T love them before no matter how useful they were. With three small people in the house we always need a little step up at the kitchen counter, or in the bathroom, or at the big desk. Plus, we use them to put stuff on and as extra seats for little bums.

Like I said-necessary? Yes. Cute? No, no they weren't.

We did some quick, efficient sanding,

and some very "neat" and meticulous painting as you can see. (We picked up some decent sized Martha Stewart Living paint sample cans at Home Depot for 3 bucks each.)

I tried really hard to be calm and patient. I tend to get a little tense with messy paint projects. Sully totally called me out on it. They teach us so much about ourselves don't they? Well, we had some leaning and bumping and little toddler drips but not too bad. I even kept it together when I could follow little blue foot prints all the way down the hallway. Minna got a little impatient herself when she wanted to nurse and I was covered in "Cornbread Yellow" paint and really wanted to finish the job. But even that was handled pretty well by both parties.

Satisfying messy paint experience for all I think.

Especially now that the stools are back to work, doing their very distinguished jobs and looking pretty darn good doing so.

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  1. You are so brave to paint with kids. We do it too and I admit, we occasionally regret it. It is MESSY! I have boring chairs still awaiting paint. Red, I think. The task list is long, though!