Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Forget Whereabouts, Where Have I Been?

No "Whereabouts Wednesday" today. I find myself amidst a busy week with not much to show for it. Everyday feels packed but not really feeling productive. Ah well, you know those kind of weeks don't you?

I have lots on the to-do list though. Fun stuff too! I have wedding presents to make, a little girl dress to complete and some neat fabric coming for my little origami enthusiast who desperately needs an origami portfolio. That one has been on the list for many days, weeks even. Can't wait to get started. Still stitching away at the "Making Waves" embroidery too. I will show that to ya soon. Well, at some point anyway.

I did take some more portraits on Monday, so fun! What a cute, spunky little gal.

This shot was one of the bad, noisy out-takes, but oh, don't you see what I mean? Sassy subject (with pretty green eyes!), fun shoot and as always, good practice. At least I have some pictures to prove I did SOMETHING. Hope some of the good shots will be loved.

How's your week so far?

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