Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Boy Oh Boy Before and After.

This family is about 100 pounds lighter due to some recent haircuts. I cut about 8 inches off my mop a few weeks ago and both boys had some nice cuts yesterday.

Sully just had his trimmed up and looks handsome as ever, of course.

And Colyer. Well, Colyer had a bit more of an extreme trim. He wanted it "super, SUPER short!" so that's what he got. I struggled in my head a bit because I LOVE his messy, moppy hair. The moppier the better I say. I was worried it wouldn't be him if he went shorter. Then I shook myself and realized that if it was what Colyer wanted for himself, then it couldn't possibly be anything other than "him".

He loves it and likes to slick it back as slick as can be.
And of course, he is as handsome as ever.


Mr. C

and Mr. C,

How'd we make such good lookin' kids?

Your hair-do, or yard, or house gettin' spruced up for Summer too?


  1. awww so cute! i enjoyed reading your "little ol' me" : )

  2. Hey thanks for reading:) I peeked at your photos, lovely. And how fun- "wash wednesday"! Love it...

  3. Your haircut is amazing

  4. Two Beautiful people can only produce beautiful children!!!

  5. Such a handsome boy, and all grown UP!!!!

  6. I know! It makes me sad a bit. I said he looked like he was ready for college and he said he is a "College rocker dude". Well there ya go.