Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Whereabouts-Weekly Pizza Day.

So this week I am sharing a "whereabouts", an actual, literally correct whereabouts. So this is where we actually are each and every Wednesday...

Minna and I tie our hair back (well, I do anyway) and put on our food service gloves to dish out pizza for the kid's school lunch! It is a big fundraiser for the school and is run completely by volunteers. Thanks everyone that made a pizza run, served or did anything at all for our kids pizza days!

Today was the last of the year so I had to take a few pictures to share. I only had my phone, so grainy cell phone pictures will have to do. I wish I had been able to get one of our truck stuffed to the brim with pizza boxes that fog up the windows with the heat they put off, but didn't mange to do so. Next year perhaps.

Most of the folks that come in to help have little ones that come to help too. They love seeing their big brothers and sisters during the day.

I am sure they don't mind sneaking grapes and scoring slices of the left over pizza and milk either.

Minna is especially lucky. She gets to have a two phase pizza lunch. First she sits with Sully and mingles with his class. The Kindergarten class comes in when the upper grades get ready to go out for recess. Minna then hugs Sully good bye and scoots in next to Colyer at his class table for round two.

All the kids LOVE having a little one join them and I am so happy our school is small enough that these fun little moments are allowed.

Hope you had a good Wednesday wherever you are and we will see you tomorrow for a pretty little step-stool update...

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