Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holiday Lamb.

Remember Charlie?

Well his Mama had another lamb this year and again she isn't producing any milk. Our neighbors took over feeding and warming duties which we love to help with.

Yesterday we armed ourselves with special lamb-y milk, boots and coats and wandered down to meet our new friend. (There are several little babies out here and I am constantly getting googly over them.)

We were half way there and Miss Min spotted some other lambs, screamed and threw herself on the ground. Uh. Minna was scared so weren't going to hop in the pen as we wanted to.

Colyer tried to console his little sis and that helped a little. We didn't push her.

I just went about feeding and Colyer patted a little milk covered nose.

Here is LuLu! She may be a messy eater but otherwise was very polite.

And look! Minna made her way over to say hello and even smiled! As we walked away Minna pointed, waved and said "LooooLoooo?". They are friends now.

Have a great day.

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