Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Santa's Moving Right Along...

Here is Santa creeping quietly through the house. I think he is awfully cute and jolly. It is so nice when things turn out as you imagined them. I am very happy with the house and the whole button-hanger concept has actually exceeded my expectations.

The embroidery is complete after 52 hours of stitching time. Phew! But the piece is STILL in need of a backing and hopefully I won't fall asleep at the same time as the kids tonight (again) and I will get some quiet sewing time in. My goal is to be completely done by week end at the latest! I think the project's final hour tally will be around 60 hours spread out over two months.

Hey, I just stitch when I can.

Now I am working on the family ornaments. I am going to start a new tradition and design an embroidered ornament every year to give out. They are small and quick and fun so far...

On a cute note, I just had to share the sweetest, glittery little poinsettia that ever sprouted.

(The little elf holding it is quite sweet too.)

See you tomorrow!

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