Tuesday, December 8, 2009

As For Moon House...

If things would have gone as splendidly expected and perfectly planned we would be busily unpacking and arranging in a new house right now. This Christmas would have been spent at Moon House.

Remember Moon House?

Well, things didn't go as assumed. We aren't sad though and that small touch of disappointment lasted only a matter of seconds. We did long for a little more space and that fireplace certainly would have been roaring right now for sure. And, one of us was a little bummed because a laundry room would have been nice, ahem.)

But ya know, if we didn't know it before, the last two years of our little family's lives has taught us that things rarely go as we assume. Sometimes what we don't plan or expect can be better than we knew was possible.

So, Moon House will stay way up there,
wanting a family to take care of it.
And we will stay down here,
on the little piece of Earth that is ours for now...

...wanting for nothing.

Have a great night and keep warm!

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