Monday, December 28, 2009

Some Homemade Highlights...

We had a great Christmas. Hope you did too. Are you recovered?

The kids over here were lovingly showered with goodies and Santa was very good to all of us.

Sully now has his very own digital camera so I have a partner in photo-taking mischief. Colyer received a voice changing device that he loves so much that I actually found clipped to his pajamas when I checked on him in bed late Christmas night. Happy, happy kids.

The gift-giving highlights that brought me much happiness were;

A batch of Devil Dogs made by my Mom from her Mom's recipe. My grandma made them on special occasions and I hope we start doing that too. Welcome Devil Dogs! Who am I kidding with that fork? Nobody used a fork for these!

Then all the handmade cards and ornaments and handmade ornaments AS cards, so pretty! More and more homemade, lovin' it. Now what to do to save and enjoy them all each year? A holiday collage to pull out with the decorations? Hmm, any ideas?

And last but not least, meet our new addition, Miss Happy. I wanted to name her Annie but I thought that was too obvious with the short red hair, so Happy it is and we love her. She was knitted by J's Mom and is very special to all of us even if she was mainly intended for Minna. (I am kind of confiscating Minna's new tea set too.)

I must mention that I also received a beautiful new sewing machine that I have been up late playing with, sleepy eyed and very happy. I am looking forward to many sewing projects in 2010.

Hope you had some memorable highlights of Christmas 2009 as well. And before we start really prepping for 2010, we have something much more important than the new year coming up.

Our first born will be 8 tomorrow!

Whoa. It just hit me...Happy Monday!

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  1. Are you going to give us a recipe for Devil Dogs? They look really yum! N