Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Clips Of Christmas Past...

Oh boy! We have years of these sibling shots-
hanging stockings and posing in front of the tree.

My absolute favorites are the years we are decked out in handmade jammies. The shot below is by far my number 1. Those night caps and gowns are so adorable. I wish I still had mine for Minna to wear. (Maybe Grammie still has the pattern?)

So very special.

Don't worry Kim, I didn't forget about you. You came when we were a bit older but we only remember what Christmas was like without you because of pictures like the ones above.

There you are below, pink dangle earrings and all.

The life of the Christmas party.

My fondest memories weren't about what we had or didn't have. They are of that feeling of antsy anticipation and sneaking out to see if Santa had visited yet. And those marathon games of "Mouse-Trap" with the 3, and later, the 4 of us in the middle of the night because we just couldn't sleep. Then counting down the SECONDS til 6:30 or 7:00am when we were allowed to wake our parents up, finally!

I hope you all have good memories of your Christmas past too. Can anyone beat those sleeping caps?

If you want to check back over the next couple of days, after your stockings are hung, then when presents are put away, I will probably have some special wordless posts to share...

...bring along some eggnog.

Merry, Merry Christmas!


  1. :] Can't wait to see you tomorrow! Love you!

  2. What?! No red satin pajama pix? *chuckle chuckle* Love ya.

  3. No! I figured the Simpson's night shirt was embarrassment enough!

  4. At least its not a pink burger king whopper night gown I got one year... That explains A LOT!!