Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The First Of Our Finest Creations.

Sullivan Paul is EIGHT today!

Eight years ago J and I were a million miles from home, just the two of us and all of a sudden we were a family.

Sully, you made us a family...

You were born in a tiny hospital under somewhat stressful conditions. You handled the whole thing with the grace and calm of a baby born very peacefully though. The nurse grabbed you seconds after you came and started to take you away before I could look at you. When she gave me a dirty look as I grabbed her shirt and wrapped my arms around you, pulling you back to me, you looked me in the eye, quiet, letting me know- "Don't worry about her Mama, I will be back soon."

Then when we couldn't find a comfortable position to nurse together in and we tried over and over and everybody was looking at me and telling me I just couldn't do it and needed to give you a bottle, you looked at me again saying- "Don't worry Mama, we will figure this out when we get home." Then you yawned and drifted quietly to sleep.

And later when another nurse tried to give you sugar water, you gagged and spit out that weird nipple. Then you cried for the first time in two days until they brought you back to me. You gazed at me saying "I showed them. All I need is you right now."

Then, after a bumpy trip in the car, we made it home. The three of us cuddled up and nursing was never a problem again. You were a teeny baby and you were right. We figured everything out just fine, together, as a family.

Sully, you and your brother and sister are the best things we have ever created.
But Sully-boy, YOU created me too.

You made me, a Mama, and I am so very lucky.

Happy, Happy Birthday.

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