Monday, December 21, 2009

Just Sit Back And Wait.

All there is to do is make one more little something and get some wrapping done, after the kids are fast asleep of course. We are ready!

Tonight we are going to cuddle up, dim the lights movie theater style and watch Jim Hensen's "The Christmas Toy". Does anyone else love that one as much as us? I think I may have married the only other person that watched it religiously with his family as a kid too. We have a tattered VHS copy from forever ago so Kermit is still in it. Just isn't Christmas without Kermit in his Santa coat.
Anyway, nice quiet night here before J is back to work and all the Christmas festivities begin.

Are you ready?

Good night.


  1. I LOVE that movie! My mom taped it off the TV years ago...and we watched that worn-out copy until I found a copy of it at the store in the early 90's. :-D Now I need to find it on DVD...

  2. Oh good! There are others out there!