Thursday, December 3, 2009

December 3rd Already?

Still working steadily on our advent calendar.

I took a break though to change out our monthly calendar/daily planning area. I cleared away some Fall stuff and put up some Christmas colors. Still waiting for some precious artwork to come home from school to round everything out.

We moved the calendar out to the kitchen from the office recently and I like it's new home. I have to keep it uncluttered though because it is so visible. I put up a length of yarn to hang notes and little bits with clothespins and I think it's workin'.

With that done and organized and pretty we were back to the advent house. The kids and I became serious about perfect button choices and placement. Santa will need something to hang onto as he bounds from room to room right?

As for this evening, we wanted to go get our tree but as it sometimes happens, J had to go into work unexpectedly. We certainly can't go without Dad, so I am looking forward to hiking around in search of that perfect tree this weekend when he's home again.

After all, it wouldn't be the same without Jeff scrambling around the hills in the cold, with the saw, as I point to every tree before we(I) decide on just the right one now would it?

Is yours up? I wanna see...

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