Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Advent Update.

So Santa SHOULD be entering the house by way of the chimney today.

He might not make it but he should begin his 25 day journey sometime this week. I just couldn't finish by today no matter how many hours I stitched and stitched. I am O.K. with it though because I am so pleased with how it is turning out.

Here is the whole piece, hanging and waiting.
I have about an hour left of embroidery.
(That is actually what I said four hours ago.)

I just have to finish off the red ribbon on the banister,
Rudolph's red nose and almost 200 more french knots throughout.
Heck, perhaps more than and hour.

Then it's finalizing button choices and sewing a back onto the thing.
Can't decide between the green with dots, or the red with stars.
Hum, what do you think?

I want to put some batting in there somewheres to make it a little thicker but I don't know how to do that. I guess I will be teaching myself the art of the fabric sandwich. Isn't that what they call it?

I'll be workin' hard tonight when the littles are all tucked in, tired and full from a special birthday dinner we get to go to.

I need all the gas I can get, Santa needs to be on his way already...


  1. Very impressive Nat. You know what's neat about this? It will be in the family for years to come, and one day... Your grandkids will be pulling it out to show their little ones this family heirloom and telling the story about how "My grandma made this"

    I love it.

  2. WOW. That is amazing, absolutely amazing. Such a stunning piece! It's beautiful.

  3. Thanks guys! Almost fiiiiiiin-iiiiiiiished!

  4. This is absolutely amazing. Beautifully stitched. Makes my detail-loving little heart go pitter pat! ;)

  5. Thanks! Your little red dollhouse, love it! Gonna snatch up the pattern on my next visit to your shop:)