Monday, February 28, 2011

A Typical Conversation.

Here is the conversation I had with Minna this morning. Most questions I ask her these days pretty much go along these lines. She just got me real good with this one.

ME "Minna, what do you want for breakfast?"
MINNA "What!?" (said in a high pitch with a very sharp, breathy T sound)
ME "What would you like for breakfast today?"
MINNA "What!?"
ME "What. Do. You. Want. For. Your. Breakfast?"
MINNA "What!?"
ME "I'm not gonna' repeat it again you silly."
MINNA "What!?"
ME "I. Am. Not. Going. To. Repeat. It. Again."
MINNA "Just tell me though!"
ME (sighs. feels silly myself. drops bread in toaster.)

So that's what you would hear several times a day out here when the boys are all away and us gals are holding down the fort. She keeps me sharp.

Anyway. What wasn't typical about our morning is that we had some watercolor with our breakfast and coffee. Why not, right? The sun was so pretty and it is so exciting to see it coming in the windows so early these days. It starts getting light around 8:00 am now! Plus I try not to say no when she asks to paint because she is so interested in it. Don't want to curb that.

Also out of the ordinary, I got my March calendar painted up and filled in BEFORE March! Only hours before, but it is still before! I am having fun making these up and hanging them on the fridge for a quick glance when I need one. I have two 12 month calendars elsewhere and didn't need a third. I might as well join in on the painting fun too.

Happy Monday (typical or not) on this last day o' February!

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