Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Get Some Of The Crochet Outta' The Way.

I have been feeling a bit of pressure to share the little bits of making that went on during my hiatus. Of course I am the one putting the pressure on which is silly because I am probably also the only that cares anyway. So, for those of you even remotely interested, here is a brief rundown of some of the crochet projects that kept me busy and helped reduce stress during our big transition. I will make it quick so we all can move on...

Above are paper chains only they aren't paper! They are yarn, see? I got the pattern from a magazine, can't remember which. The original pattern was a child's scarf but I wanted to make like 20 feet or so to drape around the tree. I made about 5 feet and will add on each year. Each loop took about 20 minutes and you attached them as you went. Fun. I got really good at half-double-crochet.

Minna is sleeping under some starfish that were supposed to be plain old stars that I wanted to use to decorate for Christmas also. They weren't pointy enough for me and I have since learned how to make them look much more star-like. Sea life or stars, they ended up in the holiday box anyway.

I experimented with scallops and petals and ended up with yards of random garland type things and many flowers. Some I love and some are crumpled at the bottom of my scrap bin. For now, I like this soft blue draped about my bedroom. Not sure how much Jeff likes it.

This pink number makes it's first and last public appearance here. It was supposed to be a pixie hat but ended up a bottle-nipple hat and a tad too small. (I am going to make this sewn version of a pixie ASAP!) Stay tuned for many more projects made from that pink yarn. At least some of that poor hat's cousins made it out into the world. Man! Minna sure can make ANYTHING look good.

Now. Feeling much better out here, aren't you? Nice to catch up on the important stuff, (and not so much) that goes on. Crochet was pretty important to me these past months. Kept the hands busy and warm. Daydreaming about stringing my little garlands around the new house while we waited for it kept me sane. I guess sanity is important. :)

Do you do anything simple that's also really important somehow? Love to hear about it.

Have a great day!


  1. I love the idea of crochet garlands. I've been contemplating a popcorn and cranberry looking version for next year's tree.

    (That new blog header makes my hands cold just looking at it! ;))

  2. I can see the string of kernels and cranberries right now! Good idea. ...and I know... the kids have hurried up and acclimated to the cold. Don't worry I don't let them go mitt-less ALL the time. ;)