Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Onto The Next.

Somewhere between California and Alaska-Minna lost her baby-ness.

See what I mean?

Maybe it was the hump of 2 to 2 and 1/2. I don't know. Whatever it was that occurred, I now feel that Minna is much less a baby or a toddler even, and more a full blown kid.

She is totally over sleeping in our bed all night. And while training-pants are acceptable at night, wearing them during the day is so last year. The biggest thing though is that I no longer have a nursing babe in the house. That is very bittersweet for me. Unimaginable really. I have been nursing, or pregnant for the last...golly, 8 years or so!


Child-led weaning is the only way we do it around here. I had been feeling ready myself lately, so I gently nudged and really listened to her and she told me when it was time. Though I am feeling a slight sense of freedom and it feels good, I am also desperately sad that I will never have a newborn tucked in the crook of my arm lazily nursing with me on the couch. I don't get to feel a teeny hand holding my cheek or twisting my hair. I will dearly miss looking down into a pair of sweet, wide eyes looking right back at me. And those feathery baby lashes! Don't get me started. Nursing my babies will give me a sense of pride and heart fluttering memories for always.

Now Minna-girl, I am sure has a new found feeling of freedom and independence as well. Which is the whole point of attachment parenting. Well, any parenting style right? It's onto the next big thing for her, whatever that may be during these days of growing and learning. I wonder if she will have memories of nursing too as she was my longest and certainly most passionate breast milk lover?

As for me? I know you fellow nursing mums are with me here, I am onto some new undergarments without flaps and extra hooks. (Totally, right?)

Guess it's onto the next for the both of us then.


  1. She is (and was, in that first photo) so precious! I can definitely see the new grown-up-ness. Both my babies stopped breastfeeding all on their own around 14 months, and while I didn't really feel sadness about it, I do just miss their "littleness" sometimes. They're getting so big!

  2. Natalie,
    Wonderful prose! You touch my heart with your words. Growing up Minna is so lucky!!
    Love from Me

  3. My Peachie was my longest nurser as well, she self weaned at 15 months. Then no more diapers by 20 months (missed those cloth diapered bums). But she never would ever sleep with us! She had to have her own space to dream! Fun seeing you out today its been forever!