Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What The Heck Have We Been Up To?

We have hiked, climbed and scampered hills and trails all over this icy, mossy island. We have walked (or, if you are me, inched awkwardly) across many a frozen body of water. We have been touched by our first ever snow and learned how to keep nice and warm. With surprise, we have found we don't mind the cold.

We have combed for miles where snow meets sea and collected shells filled with ice. Have you ever thought of such a thing? Not me.

One of us has settled into a new job. Two of us have settled into a new school. Both have turned out to be an awfully nice fit. The remainder of us (oh, just us gals) have settled into our new dailies and have made ourselves quite comfy.

Best of all, we have bought a house on a sliver of Alaskan soil. After all those years renting, then traveling, and recent temporary dwelling and hotel-ing, somehow we have finally found ourselves at home. In our own cozy beds. Boxes unpacked and those darn suitcases put away.

Now. What have YOU been up to these past months?

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  1. So glad to hear you're settling in well. Change is always hard, but sometimes it can be great too!