Monday, February 21, 2011

A Capelet A Day.

Happy Monday!

Look at the little shawl/poncho/capelets I have been making! I like to call them capelets because it sounds cute and that's what the pattern designer called them. I used this easy pattern and I loved how quick and simple it was. I get them done in one evening, or a few hours, or during a couple of episodes of "LOST". Just depends on how you measure your own time.

I have made 4 total. (Two for Minna, two more for friends.)
So comfy and warm for doing things like...

taking your morning coffee.

Or "sneaking" pieces of gum from the pantry.

And taking stylish walks around the neighborhood. Not pictured here, but my personal fave is wearing the capelet over your down jacket if it's chilly enough.

Also useful when working on the bike out in the shop. Not exactly heated in there you know.

And here is number four. Hot off the hooks ready to makes it way to California for a special friend in dire need of a capelet with a big, bright pink flower. (Just wear it over a tank top with all the 70 degree weather you have been having... in February.)

No prob. February is just fine out here because Minna's got her shoulders covered!

Note-To make the capelet a bit bigger and also more fitted instead of a slight bell shape, I used a J hook and on the third round, I only did 2 HDC in every other DC instead of in each DC. Does that make sense? If not, come on over and I will show you what I did. :)

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  1. Oh I can't wait to put that big flower around Emma's shoulders. ♥