Monday, February 14, 2011

For Valentine's Day.

It's Valentine's Day! Did you go overboard with decorating this year? We did. We cut and painted and tacked up so many different hearts that I lost track and I don't have room to share pictures of them all.

We cranked many painted coffee filter versions that were hung up and mailed to loved ones in California and Idaho. If you happened upon our front step you knew what you were getting into because the door is covered with these.

We painted some newspaper hearts with water colors which are my personal favorite. My second favorite are the ones cut from pages of our old Dish Network instruction manual. I just knew that would come in handy. It really was worth packing and moving it all the way here!

(Just a gratuitous, pretty, pink ballerina heart making picture. I couldn't help myself.)

And with the product of all our cutting and painting we sewed strings of hearts to hang. I got the idea from DottieAngel. (She makes the most beautiful stuff by the way.) I taped these guys up all over the place. This string is hanging right in the middle of our kitchen counter where we eat most meals. The ones below are in our living room window. Hearts! Everywhere you turn!

Anyway, it is really fun sewing paper. You must do it. I am trying to figure out what paper shapes to sew together now that I can leave up year round for everybody to get tangled in.

I am certain I will think of something.

For now, have a sweet Valentine's Day with all your loves!

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  1. Guess what! I'm back! I figured a little reflecting via blog would be nice. We love our valentine by the way....