Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Vocab Series-KUSPUK

Here's another neat new word! KUSPUK. (Are you taking notes?)

Here is what the online Alaska Almanac says, you will find the entry for KODIAK on the same page...

"A KUSPUK is an Eskimo woman’s parka, often made with a loosely cut back so that an infant may be carried piggy-back style. Parkas are made from seal, marmot, ground squirrel, rabbit or fox skins; traditionally, the fur lining faced inward. The ruffs are generally made of wolverine or wolf fur. A cloth outer shell, the qaspeg, was worn over a fur parka to keep it clean and reduce wear. This outer shell was usually made of brightly colored corduroy, cotton print or velveteen-like material trimmed with rickrack. In warmer months, many women wear a cotton kuspuk with long pants as daily, informal wear."

Minna has her own kuspuk! I couldn't believe my luck when I met Ms. L., a sweet mom at school with a daughter the same age as Minna who sews and does some other very beautiful crafting. The first time we got our girls together her little one was wearing the cutest dress and I complimented it. Yes, it was a kuspuk! She has several because Ms. L. makes them! Without a pattern! And details them in the sweetest ways!

Gosh, I am excited about this aren't I?

Anyway, Ms. L. said she would bring me one to borrow so I could make my own little pattern from it and sew one myself. The next time I saw her she brought Minna her own handmade kuspuk instead! I was so touched that I grabbed her and hugged her like a crazy woman. (Sorry about that:)

Minna loves it and struts her stuff with her hands in her pockets. It is roomy enough that I can put it over her coat so she can wear it for longer periods of time outside and not just for 5 minute photo shoot. I love that brown trimmed hood.

I am still going to try and sew one myself. Ms. L says it's easy, but she is a pro. So we will see how easy it is for this non-pro out here.

For now...

...welcome March!


  1. People can be soooo wonderful!!!

  2. The friendliest, most helpful people you'll ever meet live right here in Kodiak. N