Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nothin' Big Today...


I found these way back when we first moved here. I went to one of the local thrift stores and spotted them as I was leaving. I am a sucker for craft books of any kind and these are the ultimate. It's "The Family Creative Workshop" series. They are from the 70's, beautifully photographed and obviously written for the whole family. Neat! I was expecting them to say 30 bucks for the box so I kept looking over my shoulder when I lugged it the car for 4! No matter we were living out of suitcases and would soon be living in a hotel for a few weeks until the house was ready. They wanted a permanent home as much as we did.

Only Minna really shared my enthusiasm.

She has spent a lot of time, uh...using them.

My favorite book is #6, "Embroidery To Gingerbread".

You wanna know what scrimshaw is? Call me. I got it in book 15. Want a tutorial on how to make a hand stitched leather backpack? Got that too. How's about how to crochet a jute rug? Or homemade sushi? Yes, even food! I have it all. There is an index volume that has all the subjects listed and directs you to the book you need. Say you wanted to read about the art of bonsai. That's book 2, labeled "Beach-combing to Bottle gardens". See what I mean? Awesome.

What have we done from our gold mine of creative things to do? Nothing. Yet. I really am inspired by the photos and ideas though. They are really neat to read even if nothing is produced. I feel they were totally worth dragging around with us for weeks with just our suitcases and the clothes on our backs. Especially because one of us may decide to get into square dancing or tatting.

You just never know.

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