Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's Spring(break)!

We get our spring break a bit early out here while spring itself comes much later than we are used to. Not a complaint just a fact. We are still ankle deep in snow and have lots of winter time left I think. That won't stop us from livin' it up on our vacation though.

Before school let out Minna and I had our daily watercolor session along with some face painting. That has become a daily thing too. Minna wants to wear lipstick all the time and I don't want her to wear lipstick all the time so I try to bribe her with face paint instead. I guess that doesn't really make sense. I just don't want her get in the habit of wearing grown-up makeup you know? Face paint is much more playful and kid-like.

Anyway, flowers were in order since we are thinking of spring. We like hearts and stars and leaves too.

Here are my lil' works-in-progress drying on the window sill. More on these soon. Almost done!
And when the boys shed their coats and books and took a deep breath with almost two weeks off ahead of them...

...they perched themselves on the sill too, with the snow at their backs and ate bagels with cinnamon and sugar for snack.

Seemed like just the thing.


  1. If I had face paintings as pretty as that, I'd pick them over lipstick too!

  2. :) It is so fun! I love that she likes to go out and about all painted up...