Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rain Maker.

Kodiak rainfall is legendary.

Maybe not to the rest of the country, but for the folks here, it sure is. We have been here since October, (will it really be 6 months soon?!) and one of the most common topics during initial conversations we have had as we meet new people, is the weather. When hearing we are from California most have let us know we are in for it with the climate around here. A really common response is, "Ha! You like rain? Hope so!" That kind of thing.

I have heard all the historical records of how many morning-til-night, straight days of rain Kodiak has had too. The records are all different. I have heard everything between 29 and 45. I will go with 37 or so. The point being, Kodiak gets loads of rain.

Coming from Northern California where rain is mostly an end of winter, beginning of spring phenomenon, I vowed not to let the weather forecast rule how I felt about my new town. That is especially important now with the real rainy season still ahead. I even went so far as to write a "Damp Island Life Manifesto" inspired by this manifesto over here. I won't post it until I need it. Maybe I never will.

We went to a toddler story and craft time (for free!) at this sweet shop. Minna and her new friend got to listen to two stories, have a snack and do a fun little craft. The stories were rainy weather themed and the kids made rainmakers out of paper towel rolls, rice and wax paper. Fun!

Mother Nature didn't need any help from Minna and her rainmaker. The girl sure shook with gusto though!

I tell ya, with Minna having a fantastic Einstein hair day, and dressing herself in bright orange, polka dots and purple stripes...

...the weather is anything but dreary or gloomy. It's all about the gusto.


  1. I feel complete kinship to this post. Being a N.CA girl myself, my best friend lives in AK (where, of course, the weather varies drastically, depending on where you live...they are in Anchorage), because I know another little Minna and love the name, and because my girl made a paper towel roll rain stick at a free rainy day craft outing recently, too. She loved it! Sweet post. Stay dry. We got soaked here recently, but POOF the weather went dry and warm a few days ago. Not sure if it will stick or not...

  2. Neat! I haven't met another Minna yet. Fun to know they are out there. :) Enjoy that nor-cal sun and thanks for stopping by. I sure enjoy the thoughtful posts over at your blog...