Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Pink That Keeps On Giving.

Here's the last of the crochet projects that happened during the move.

It isn't the last of the pink yarn though. It seems never ending. Minna picked out two very pink balls of yarn off the shelves that ended up coming home with us. It was inexpensive and it's the yarn she practices her own crochet with and what she picks when a little something must be made for her or a certain doll named Fwa. (Yes, Fwa. More on her back story later:)

First up-headband/ear warmer. Worked on a bunch of these cuddled up on an easy chair in the little cabin we stayed in for a month when we first got here.

Minna loves this thing! It actually keeps her teeny ears warm too! Just double crochet. Easy!

I taught myself flowers in that cabin too. Any pattern I saw I tried it. Many times in different sizes and yarns. They are really cute on the headbands.

The headband needed a matching scarf. I tied on funny little purple fringe here and there and a bow that holds the scarf on a wiggly little neck. I won't do random, contrasting fringe again. Minna looks bored with it in this shot but she still wears it a bunch.

And Fwa has a hat. Much more of a success than the bottle nipple hat. I think I am very good at mini-hats so I will stick to those for a bit. A matching doll sweater is in the works which is good because Fwa never seems to be appropriately clothed.

Phew. My eyes are tired from the bright pink as I am sure yours are too. Different colors next time.

I promise.


  1. Hmmm, Fwa. We have an Icicle and a Baby Train in our house, but nothing quite so difficult to figure out how to spell as Fwa. :)

  2. Sounds french to me. Maybe it should be spelled "Fois". I don't know. The girl is sure of the the name, so Fwa it is. :) We had a "Penny Five" once long ago. Almost as good as Baby Train...

  3. So cute! Crochet is on my list to learn next! I have been saying this for a few years now, I must make it happen ;)

  4. You must! It's been a fun learn-by-doing craft for me. Have a good weekend! Go get some yarn. ;)

  5. Natalie. I just started making hats again and I would love the pattern for the pink headband if you could send it my way. Emma would love it!!