Monday, March 21, 2011

thursday, friday, sat...uh, the past several days.

Here is our wordless weekend a bit late. We had lots of busy fun with many of our new friends. Such wonderful people on this island, I must say.

Anyway, after an eye-ball exploding headache last night I am recovered and will be back tomorrow with a new vocabulary word. This time, not related to Kodiak history, but fascinating just the same. (Down right amazing if you ask me, as it involves my boys' newest obsession and extreme, magnificent talent. If I do say so myself.)

See you then and happy Monday to you!

PS-Welcome Spring! Is it feeling Spring-y where you are?


  1. You know how you were saying you want to have a signature in your photos? I think you really do have an element to your photos where one can say "I know that is Natalie's picture." Your eye for catching the details is amazing!

  2. Thanks Melissa! We had so much fun the other day. Minna is still talking about her tea party with Peach.

    Also, I love that we both posted an iPad shot today... :)

  3. Honey,
    I am sorry about the headache! Sounds like a migraine.

  4. I think it was too! So un-like me, but all better now... love you Mom!