Thursday, March 24, 2011

Out With A Bang and Out The Window.

So, I don't know if I have mentioned that we all took up ice skating or not. Well, we did, and as usual the boys took to it as though they were the children of a pro hockey player and Olympic figure skater. The out door rink here is free and has times scattered throughout the week for free skating.

We took advantage of that lots. Even Minna got out there with her teeny double-blade figure skates. Next year she will get a pair of big girl skates and will probably be able to skate by herself. She is almost there now anyway.

I had been bragging about never falling. I was getting brave. Picking up some speed. Doing some slick turns. Daring to go backwards. I was having fun with all these laps around the rink with the family. Usually having the whole place to ourselves. Fun times.

Until yesterday when I was flat on the ice and being checked for broken bones before I knew it. None broken, but severely bruised and swollen. No more bragging here.

These are being packed away in defeat. Just for the rest of the season. The rink will be shutting down soon anyway. Maybe I will be ready to lace 'em on again next winter if this knee ever gets back to normal size.

In other news-we are seeing mud and melt out the windows and on our walks. We are also seeing sun coming in our windows at new angles all around our new house.

As usual there is no shortage of monkey-business and nonsense to entertain out those windows too.

I'd say the signs of our first Alaska Spring are subtle, but there.

Have a great day!


  1. I always knew Jeff was a professional "hickey" player! ;) love ya!!!!!

  2. Oh you! Fixing that this minute! :)

  3. I like hickey players! well I did in high school at least...