Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Teardrop - On The Inside.

We have had two great outings in our little trailer so far.

pretty rainy and chilly and windy.

The other, 
absolutely gorgeous and sunny and lovely.

Both sleeping experiences were cozy though.

Impossible not to be with fuzzy blankets and soft mattresses.
Minna slept like a log on her little bunk/shelf.
Jeff seems to have enough room for his loooong legs.

Comfy all around.

The kitchen is up and running.

That cooler pulls out on a sliding shelf.
Soon we will have a teeny sink and water tank too.
We love our camp stove and it fits perfectly.

Jeff made a scramble for our first teardrop breakfast.

The kitchen doubled as an ER due to a bloodied lip.
(It was yucky and swelled up pretty big. Ouch!)

Teardrops are very useful.

On the second morning, I opened the door and watched the bay while still in bed.
The sound of the river and the cold air, mixed with the smell of the wood inside...
perfect way to wake up.

I really could have laid there for hours.

I totally get it now.

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