Monday, June 18, 2012

A Party And Farewell.

As we all know,  Minna just had her birthday.
I blinked and she turned four.

Just like that.

A few days ago, we celebrated early with some special friends.

She got sweet pals to cuddle and of course some crocheted goodies.
(Lots of crochet goes on when us moms get together. :)

We made wands and fooled around.
It was a fun easy-going party.

We had to celebrate early because 
these friends of ours are moving all the way to Maine.


It is hard living in a military community 
because it is inevitable that families will come and go.

I am so happy we all ended up on the island at the same time.

These sweet girls had to say goodbye today.

So very hard.

It sure has been fun watching them together.
They met when they were two!
How much they have grown up.

Grown up together.

We will always be in touch. 
Us moms will still exchange crochet patterns and inspiration. 
There will still be giggling and fun and a shared love of chickens.

I don't think a little distance could stop these two anyhow.
(Or us crazy crochet ladies.)

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  1. It's definitely hard to go separate ways, but some of those friendships end up being the most lasting. We have dear friends who are close enough that we see them a few times a year, but far enough away that we are missing them more often than not. And those are some of our very best friends, the people who will be lifelong friends, with whom we pick right up where we left off every time.