Thursday, June 14, 2012

Rainbow Hats- 1 2 3...

I saw this hat, and made it immediately. Remember?

My neighbor saw it on Minna and mentioned she liked it.

Perfect timing because I had just finished the afghan
and needed something else to do.

Peachy, yellowy and browns for the gal next door.

Worked it up on the go.

I don't have a picture, 
but she likes it and it looks adorable on her too.

Colyer wanted one.

"Grayish-blackish, with a rim thing."

This is what popped into my head when he placed his order.

I think he likes it.

As with blankets,
hats happen year round here too.

And...that concludes the project showcase!

I am having fun hanging around here more!

When I put post ideas together, 
I line pictures up in rows on our desktop to be turned into stories. 
Then I delete them when I have posted. 
Sometimes they never make it to the blog. 
And stay cluttering the screen. 

(Jeff loves it.)

These project shots have been lined up for weeks.
But I am all caught up now and the screen is free.

A lot has been going on out here!
Minna's birthday is coming.
I get to go on a crafty sleepover.
And stuff is happening in the garden.

More on all this soon because I have room 
to line everything up on the computer again. 

Have a great day!

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  1. I don't line things up on the desktop, but I do upload them to flickr and leave them "private" until I post them. And then I have to work my way through them....

    Lovely hats!