Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Logging Time.

We had logs delivered when there was still lots of snow on the ground.

Then Jeff and his brother moved them all into a huge pile out back.
I couldn't see the chicken coop or the back gate for months!

Huge pile.

The kids played on it.
The chickens played on it.

And sometimes, Jeff would split logs by hand.

Then he rented a splitter.
Got the rest done in an afternoon.
Then we had a giant pile of split logs blocking my view.

Logs that had to be stacked.

 So we stacked.

 And we staaaaaacked.

We have three separate, neatly stacked log locations now. 
The one above has 4 more rows than shown.
Thats a lot of logs.
(And did I say, stacking?)

It was a lot of work but its the kind of work I am craving these days.
Work like growing food and raising animals.
Many of us are being pulled in that direction, aren't we?

I guess it was actually easy, really.
The darn things were cut and delivered to us.
Now we will be warm for the rest of the year.

Luxury for just a few splinters.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I think a lot of us are feeling a subtle sense of our heritage, of the generations who worked hard for what they needed and found beauty in simplicity. I certainly do. I don't think I'll be able to raise chickens and goats on my own little farm anytime soon (hello, crowded subdivision!), but it's still the root of the antique lace tie-backs on my curtains and the quilted throw pillows and the homemade bread--that sense of self-sufficiency and care giving in our homemaking. Our culture went so far away from all that, and I think now we're realizing what we're missing!

    1. So very well said! Seeing so many families starting mini farms and creating self sufficiency, makes me realize I can do that too. Years and years ago, chickens wouldn't have seemed possible to me in my own little world. Now, here they are. I like the direction this is going.... :)