Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Almost Two Year Afghan.

Another blankie.
Crochet this time.

Started this when we first moved here.
All those triangles kept me busy while we were in a hotel.
(Colyer was six in that picture up there!
He is almost 8 now!)

I got them pieced into squares but stalled 
when I realized I was going to need to keep changing colors 
to piece the whole thing together. 
It's really no big deal. 
Didn't even take long once I decided to do it months and months and months later.


As I sewed it together I liked seeing how much better 
and more consistent of a crocheter I have become. 
I scoffed at some of my old stitches. 

That Natalie, such a beginner. Pfft...

The more experienced crochet-Natalie, got to do the edging.

Nothing hard, but two years ago, 
I would not have been comfortable 
holding the yarn and the hook.  
I was still practicing to get the right tension.

All comes with doing.

I am pretty happy with it. The pin-wheels are pretty.

And totally not on purpose, but it fits in the teardrop perfectly. 
Such a nice weight too.

Being a beginner way back then, I used what I call "craft yarn",
which is inexpensive, but machine washable. 

Now-a-days I buy what I call "real yarn", 
which is basically the good stuff from a yarn store.
I am not a yarn snob, I just like soft, well made, and real fibers.

I am ready to start a new one. 
Maybe just squares in fun colors.

We shall see.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. It is beautiful, and I'm truly inspired by your work, Natalie! My daughter and I picked up crochet hooks over the weekend and boy would you scoff at some of our stitches. But it is so much fun - and a great way to spend time together.


    1. So glad you picked up your hooks! I love how much interest the kids have in crochet. It really is fun to do together. My oldest son loves making stars. Look up a pattern for a star and make one step by step with your daughter. I bet you two would love it too. :)

  2. Has it really been two years? I can't quite grasp that....

    It's fun to see improvement, isn't it? But you're right: It's in the doing, the trying, the ripping out and redoing, that you learn. I've been crocheting for ... some twenty-odd years, and I can only imagine what my beginning work looked like!

    1. Two! I know. It feels quick and not so much at the same time. Funny how that happens. :) hope you are feeling at home in your new place!