Thursday, June 9, 2011

What To Wear To Greet The Sun.

The sun came out at 8:00 pm today. Needless to say we spent time with it and ended up staying outside pretty late. Minna needed a little something more to wear than her leggings and belly button. So she threw on a shirt and her new mama-made play skirt! My new favorite thing to make and to make her wear. I don't really have to make her wear it though. Because she loves it too!

I took cues from the Oliver and S tutu and gave it an apron back. I was also inspired by Dottie Angel's sweet wrap skirts that she makes out of used and vintage fabrics. I have some cute old sheets that would be perfect for the next one (or ten).

I used a Heather Ross fabric from Spoonflower this time. Aren't those clothespin people the coolest? The fabric and trim choices are endless with something simple like this. I would love to make one with some embroidery. (I also just love how those bug boots go with everything.)

For now, the play skirt wraps all the way around and can tie in the back, front or side, depending on how you want it. The ties are long enough to wrap around a toddler sized waist twice, making it a true wrap skirt. I really like it tied at the back like an apron with the ties in a nice full bow. As Minna grows, it will someday be an actual apron. She could be wearing it in her own kitchen one day, cooking as an adult.

What? It could happen.

Only if it makes it through all the stick wars, mud puddles and horsin' around on the hammock.

And just when you thought this little skirt couldn't be any more versatile, here it is, tied comfortably in the cookie-eating position. There is nothing the play skirt can't do.

I am thinking I might make several more and take them to market this weekend. Every girl needs a hammock-playing, cookie-eating play skirt right?