Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Have a good start to your week? Us too!

The boys started swim lessons yesterday. They can get around really well in the water already and keep themselves afloat if need be, but I want them to learn the real strokes and get as strong as possible.

Bottom line- they WILL become better swimmers than their mother, (me) who pretty much has only mastered the dog-paddle after 30+ years. Shouldn't be too hard a challenge for them I guess.

Off to a splashy good start. The boys had a great time and the pool is really nice.

I couldn't quite tell, but I think Minna was a little bored. I forgot that watching and waving at her brothers and throwing an occasional thumbs-up to them probably wasn't as thrilling for her as it was for me.

Lesson learned- bring snacks and cooler stuff for lil' sis to do while she waits.

How this guy stayed above water with all that heavy wet hair, I will ever know. He sure did though. Soon they will both be graceful, amazing swimmers just like their Dad.

Welp! We are off to make some party decorations. Busy, busy getting ready for Minna's birthday on Friday! We are having a "Purple Pizza Party". I have had to pull back on the "purple" part. Purple pizza dough may be going a bit far...



  1. See....I like the purple pizza dough idea, sounds like something I would do. However the kids might have a different view of it! Have a good party.

  2. I'm not a swimmer either :( and I think that is why I love to watch my kids learn to swim so well. They learn so fast.