Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thumbs Up.

All good here!

(Minna's new thing is the "thumbs-up".)

She flashed me one to let me know she was moving right along with her sorting project. She had to separate all the different sized paper circles and put them in piles. We decided to cut hearts and flowers last minute and those got a pile too.

We cut a ton of circles to sew together to make streamers for Minna's birthday on Friday. I am trying to make everything, from the decorations to the favors. The theme color is purple, but we added some pink and light blue with newspaper print and magazine pages. Minna leafed through a copy of "Real Simple" and ripped out pages with lots of purple on them. We love how they turned out! You get to be surprised along with the birthday girl who wanted to wake up to everything decorated on Friday morning. I personally wanted to put them up now and enjoy them for a few days. But, she is the birthday girl after all.


...outside, the boys rigged up some elaborate pulley system in a tree which looked (as I spied through the window) as if it were intended to drop something heavy on one end of that board and catapult lil' bro on the other end, into the air.

Turns out I was correct. I couldn't believe I heard the words coming out of my mouth suggesting that they try to catapult something lighter, like a rock or a smaller hunk of wood.

Colyer asked if Minna was light enough. I said no, because she is almost 3.

Anyway, it worked. Of course. Are there other pulley-lovin' kids out there? I can't have the only ones.

Well, while they are stringing up pulleys, I will be stringing up paper streamers.

Thumbs-up to that. :)


  1. Oh, boys! It's amazing just what they really can come up with!

  2. is this what I have to look forward to in a few boys are 4 and 1!?