Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Second Coming Of The Suit.

It emerged at 4:00pm today.

Fits perfect with a couple of cuffs here and there.
That velcro closure in the back still needs to be fixed.
Maybe it will be one day. Maybe it won't.

"What's that?! Does someone need my help?"

"I hear you special plants!"
(Also known as Pushki.)

Good thing us people and invasive plants have Spidey around.

So the legend of the suit lives.
Not just in our hearts now, but in a smaller,
more feminine form.

I so dearly LOVE all its forms.
So glad we get to enjoy it a bit longer.

And let's face it, Spidey has never been this pretty.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. u 2 have been blessed 3 x

  2. indeed! (who is this anonymous poster?) whoever you are, thanks for visiting! :)

  3. I wish we had had a spidey costume for our eldest child. She was the utmost fan and devout follower of the Great Spiderman!
    Love to Our Natalie from Your Mom!