Friday, May 20, 2011

Two Years Ago, Out There...

Two years ago we lived on a cattle ranch and Minna was so beautifully, perfectly bald. We made a little door in our fence that the kids could sneak through into a "secret garden" that had strawberries and sunflowers and tall grass with stomped down paths running through it.

We lived close to the sea and played there often. We were obsessed with the perfect clam chowder there and made special trips when the cravings hit. Then of course we had to pick up salt-water taffy on the way home. We just had to.

Colyer wore a Spiderman suit every day. Everywhere we went. I really do mean, each and every day. He had two, one black-Spiderman and one red-good-guy-Spiderman. We knew what mood he was in depending on the suit he came out in the morning.

Black suit=mischief.
Red suit=a little less mischief.

(See? Plain ol' mischief.)

When I could get him to change, he wore shorts, and most of the time skipped the shoes. We all did. Jeff built us a swing. The boys didn't want to take turns so they always rode together. We had a freakishly huge, yellow rose spider named Rosie living in the back yard.

I became bonkers about making stuff and teaching myself how to embroider and crochet and sew. Started collecting beautiful craft books and dominating the dinning room table with projects. Plus I got a nice camera and REALLY became bonkers about taking pictures.

Even more so, than Colyer was about his Spidey suit.

Here we are, two years later, living by a different ocean and still making stuff. Minna has more hair. We wear warmer clothing and shoes when we play outside now and the Spidey suit has been retired. (It is missed terribly by this sappy mama.) Still on the hunt for a replacement in the clam chowder department. That will come.

Two years ago, I also started documenting how bonkers I am "Out Here". My goodness! Thanks for reading and following us this long! The Flats are a long way from Two Rock but it's all connected in this space. Shortens the distance a bit for me. That is such a good thing.

Again, thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend!
(Go bonkers if you want to.)


  1. How things can change, eh? Congrats for a great two years!

  2. Thanks! Have a great weekend! :)