Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Unfinished Yet, Versatile.

I made another neat thing from "Oliver and S, Little Things To Sew". Had so much fun with the lop-eared bunny hat project and photos of the tutu in that book just sucked me right in!

As I mentioned, its not finished because of no other reason than I am lazy with measuring and I just don't seem to have a good working relationship with tulle. No matter how much I love it and want to get along with it.

Unfinished or not, Minna is living in it. It ties on like and apron so it's super easy to put on over any and everything. So good for any mood or moment.

The layers haven't been evened out yet. I kinda like that though. I may just trim up that lone longish piece a bit and call it good. I also considered ripping each layer along the bottom for a messy-tough look but Minna didn't like that idea.

The part I was most excited about was the pretty blue ribbon. It was also my biggest mistake prone/disappointment of the project. It is completely uneven because of the way I sewed the gathered waist on and it is rippled and bunchy. Could be-because I skipped trimming the tulle down after I sewed the first piece of ribbon on. That step was specifically for minimizing bulk. Good idea.

I also had an embroidery mistake with that ribbon. I wanted to stitch purple daisies across the front to tie in with the purple tulle. Don't worry, I only stitched about 10 before I noticed I measured wrong and stitched them completely off center. Pulled those out. Luckily I really like it plain too.

So, I am going to have to fiddle with the ties a bit to create an even closure back there. Really, the apron back is so genius. Again, a great, easy, fun pattern in that book. Probably would be easier for people actually following the directions. And perhaps making for an older or bigger child maybe? For Minna's teeny waist, that was a TON of tulle. I will make another and use a shorter width.

Minna will be asking me to tie it over her jams shortly. I can't wait. :)

Have a good day!

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