Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sky Kids.

Looking skyward today I see some raindrops and low clouds.

But last week in the sky was the sun,

and my kids!

Jeff strapped up some webbing and a rope and somehow created a low zip-line!

I know!

The boys took turns for a while, then Jeff locked them in up there together. So funny. I was in the hammock laughing so, so hard. Especially when they were hammin' it up and holding each other like the ride was too scary and fast. Hilarious!

I think my flying girl had it the best though.

The line was the perfect height for a gal of her stature. She was also the perfect weight to really get zooming. Her hair blowing in the zippy wind.

Her brothers were always at the end waiting to catch her and pull her back to the beginning for another turn.

Playing in the sky is fun.


  1. ok! That is awesome! I may have to show this to Randy so he can figure out a way to make one for the boys!

  2. ...me wants to go to Alaska and zip line !!!

  3. Wow, if I knew Jeff had that talent I would have asked if he could make one of those at the cabin. Maybe someday. It looks great and glad the kiddos get a chance to zipline. Its so fun!!