Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rainy Whirl Around The Yard.

Things are growing out here!

What a treat it is seeing the pretty things pop up that the previous owner planted and tended for years before we landed here. I will never grow a green-thumb like she had, but I sure can try to keep everything alive. I am trying to learn all I can and add some new plants to the mix. All of these are the little surprises we discover almost daily now.

We have been cheering for this gal that lives right outside our living room window. Leaves! I see leaves!

This guy has been sprouting for a few weeks but just over last night popped out those pretty little centers. (It's surrounded by little forget-me-nots too.)

Lots of little leaves across the driveway. Peeking out all over. High and low.

And these little ladies. Looking good huh? We have tulips all around us and again, seems like overnight, they have developed a bloom. Still tightly tucked inside themselves but so close to showing us what they got.

I keep telling everything to keep up the good work.
Plants like pep-talks don't they?

Well, I think all these guys are listening.

How's your flower-wooing and planting going?

PS-Sorry there are no names of the plants and trees above. It's because I don't know any of them. Except the tulips. I got tulips. At least I know those.

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