Wednesday, June 1, 2011


All of us did some foggy day painting yesterday.

I did some face painting indoors.

Everybody else did painting prep and cleaning and painting on all fours out back in the supposed to be guest house, that is now a full blown workshop. Bummed about not having a nice guest space, but so happy that there is now a designated work area for welding, woodworking, model car-plane-boat building. The messy fly-tying desk is out there too now. Best of all there is a huge work bench that could comfortably sit 15. More than enough workspace for us 4-5, I think. Or will it be?

We will see.

Well, we will see when the wet paint signs come down...

...and pesky moms are allowed in for photographs.

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  1. We have been painting here too, or my husband has been, and the rest of us try to help and stay out of the way at the same time. Fresh paint make house look so clean.