Sunday, August 14, 2011

Revelations From Our Multi-Phase Trip...

A Portland wedding.

"Beloved little sisters will always be little sisters,
even with a diamond and new last name."

(and big brothers will never be too big to hold their little sister's bouquet for her.)

Week-o-beach house on the Oregon Coast.

"A single is still a perfect fit for this pair of growing boys."
(this summer may be the last though...)

"Three generations of flip flops takes up a lot of sandy real estate."

Hometown Frolic.

"Nothing like the feeling of going back to the places and people that really know you."

-The kids played in the same houses that we played in. The homes that saw us become grown-ups.

-I laughed about life and marriage with the same girls I giggled with about first bras and kisses, more than 20 years ago.

-We drove by the high school where that cute science lab partner I had would someday be my husband. Never saw that one comin!

-We lounged in a hammock that swings on the very spot I married him.

-On Colyer's birthday, we drove by the little birth center where he was born. (He wishes though, that he were born at the karate school next door instead.)

After a busy-wonderful three weeks, we said goodbye to everybody in the same driveway that we did almost a year ago when we moved here. Only this time, we weren't starting all over in a new place. We were coming home, and it is so good to be back.

What's everybody been doing this past month?


  1. That is so beautiful that I am teary. I am so glas you have chosen Kodiak.